Student Academics & Careers Society (ACS)

The Student Academics & Careers Society Committee acts as a platform for all activities regarding Academics & Research and hone overall personality skills of students. The society aims to make students proficient academically – be it in core or non-core domain and encourage research & academic activities in Institute. The society shall organize events for personality development sessions and promote awareness about academics and research opportunities.

Academic Grievances Cell

  • The members of SRC will be the ex-officio member of this cell and this shall function to address academic problems of the all the students.
  • The members of the cell will be representatives in Institute and ensure that they will act as a medium of communication between students and administration.

Management Cell

  • The cell shall work with a vision to facilitate students who wish to pursue their interest in non-core fields like Finance, Marketing, Consulting, etc.
  • It shall organize lectures and events to acquaint students with knowledge in this field and associate with organizations that excel in these fronts.

Personality Development Cell

  • Personality Development Cell aims to foster soft skills within the students of IIT Jodhpur leading to effective development of student personality.
  • The cell aims to conduct regular sessions which focusses on public speaking and personality development for the students by experienced professionals.

Career Cell

  • The cell shall organize activities to promote Research activities in the Institute and spread awareness about the same.
  • It shall conduct workshops and events on these topics and organize sessions to improve proficiency in software frequently used and other related skills.

Student Design & Arts Society (DAS)

We, the engineers , are supposed to be innovative in order to provide solutions to the problems challenging every systems and we believe that creativity is a very important ingredient in the recipe for innovation.

So we, at Student Design & Arts Society Committee, aim at discovering and polishing the creative abilities of the students and help them realizing their interests and talents. Moreover we help students in realizing them their artistic talents for we believe that we are surrounded by art and it is an inevitable component in accomplishing any task.

Animation Club

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” -Norman McLaren

Animation club provides a platform to those who wish to explore the world of animation. Here people are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to express their ideas and thoughts through the medium of animation.
The work in this club involves fun backed by technology. We work on highly sophisticated softwares like MAYA and ADOBE FLASH to create a digital world and then giving a direction of motion to it. We conduct workshops and internal teaching session to get the members acquainted with all the stuff.


Designing and development of 2D cartoons and 3D models.Making of short animated films (stop motion, 2D and 3D).
We deal with various softwares some of which are : 3DS Max, Maya, Adobe Flash, After Effects.

Have a look at our our work:

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club of IIT Jodhpur aims to provide a platform to the interested students who want to learn, develop and improve their Fine Arts skills under the guidance of senior club members. It is not just a club consisting of the most creative people in the institute, it is a family where you learn, teach and enjoy the art of making life colorful. In any fest be it Ignus, Spandan or Varchas, this club has a major contribution making it look beautiful, artistic and eyecatching.

  • Sketching Workshops
  • Graffiti
  • Origami and Kirigami
  • Organising and participating in college level competitions.

  • Won 3rd prize in chaos 2015 in IIM Ahmedabad.
  • Participated in IITB Mood Indigo 2013
  • Organised Kalakriti, finearts festival of IIT Jodhpur

Design Club

We create
We innovate
We inspire the uninspired
We are the DESIGNERDS!

We help you discover the creative half of yourself. We help you to work on different designing softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom etc.

  • Framed: A full fleshed art exhibition displaying the best piece of designing done by the students.
  • Design night: A huge problem statement including

    - A Brand Design (Logo, Folder, Packaging, Visiting Car and Letter Head)
    - A Campaign Design (For the previous brand, posters, typographic slogan etc.)
    - A UI/UX Design (For the same Brand or A website based business)
    - Something Minimal. All this crazy designing done during the course of one entire night.
    - Logo designing competition,minimalistic poster designing


Moodi (top 3), thrice in a row

Cinematography Club

The club works on making short movies on topics which require serious attention and we use DSLRs, Handy cams and GoPros for this. For the fun part we consistently make spoofs, trip videos and short funny videos which include a nice and learning experience on sophisticated softwares like Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Windows Movie Maker. We, consistently and actively, take part in inter college fest ,by presenting our work, to check our performance with outside world. Moreover the club also holds the responsibility of doing all the video graphic media coverage, making aftermovies in various activities and fests of the institute.

Photography Club

The Photography club envisages a vision comprising an outburst of every possible activity and in whatever domain one wants to do. Proposals are abundant, ambitions are high. Pioneering photography, event coverage, time-lapse photography etc. tops the list of our activities and plans. The club provides the students tremendous opportunities to live up this beautiful hobby or to pursue interest in it.

  • Freshanza Backdrop Making
  • Photography Workshops
  • Photo Walks
  • Creating a photo journal of IIT Jodhpur
  • Photography Exhibitions
  • Conduct and participate in photography competitions.

Student Cultural & Literary Society (CALS)

Student Cultural & Literary Society Committee is the fountainhead of all cultural activities in the Institute. Cultural activities prepare you for real life and strengthen your personal skills. They not only help students to identify themselves with the Institute, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and to improve skills such as organization, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication. Under the Student Cultural & Literary Society Committee there are eight clubs, which function throughout the year.

Dance Club

Whether you are a master or an eager learner, the Dance Club is open for all. The club members come and practice regularly to hone their skills. Called ‘DEFEAT THE BEAT’, the club performs in various festivals and events occurring across the country including Chaos (IIM Ahmedabad) and Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay). The club also organizes workshops on different dance styles .Various intercollegiate events are also conducted .The team added a feather to its cap by getting selected in Indian Hip Hop Championship auditions in 2014.

Drama Club

The Dramatics Club, by the name of DRAMEBAAZ, not only attracts widespread participation from the students, but is also loved by the audience. The club primarily focuses on Street Plays which have always been its forte. High on energy and with a definitive outlook, the club members manage to leave the people enthralled with their performances. The club picks up on the issues faced by the society as theme of their street play. When this amalgamates with brilliant scripting and tongue-in-cheek humour, fireworks are bound to happen.A highly demanding and highly challenging club in its own right, it provides a great sense of satisfaction to those who have an inclination towards performance arts.

Literature Club

It caters the bunch of people who love to indulge into speaking, writing or even reading. Unlike the stereotyped Literati, the club showcases a variety of fun events like JAM, Shout, Hurdles, and Group Discussions aimed to target just any other random trespasser along with the named intellectual ones.

Music Club

Enough being a nerd all your life. Be the rockstar you always wanted to be.Be it an instrumentalist picking up the rhythm whenever called in or the vocalist who each and every person in the crowd looks up to be. SANGAM, the IITJ Music Club gives you the unique opportunity to finally to step foot on the blistering stage where you always wished yourself to be on. Spanning from the band performances at the Freshers’ Night, to various performances in different college festivals and also rocking the show at your own Institute in events like Unplugged Night and Musical Extravaganza, the music club has it all.

Quiz Club

Although among the youngest clubs, the Quiz Club stands out to be one of the most active and popular club of IIT Jodhpur. The club acts as a platform for the student community to exercise their grey cells, think out of the box and quench their thirst for knowledge. The club organizes interesting quiz sessions throughout the year to cultivate a passion for quizzing among the students. The club also gives the students an opportunity to participate at national and intra-collegiate quizzes.

Student Science & Technology Society (STS)

With the thought “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, the Student Science & Technology Society Committee of IIT Jodhpur provides you an opportunity to think beyond the conventional boundaries of science, to explore yourselves, to realize your dreams and develop the technology for the next generation.

Aeromodelling Club

Essentially the Aeromodelling Club is a group for aviation and Aeromodelling enthusiasts in the Institute. Here, you will have an opportunity to make rockets, gliders, planes, hovercrafts and fly them up. Currently the club is using SOLIDWORKS for designing cad models and Aerofly deluxe for rc simulation of the model. Previously the club has made Rc planes, hovercrafts, ornithopter, autogyro, balsa gliders and water rockets. The activities of the club include lectures and workshops on various Aeromodelling and aviation topics and working on small projects.

Astronomy Club

With observatory nights held fortnightly, you get a chance to take a voyage of the universe when you get to see those rings of Saturn, moons around the Jupiter etc.!!! Regular lectures and discussions are held to help students develop a better understanding of those mysterious forces in nature. We use Starchart App (Available for free in Playstore) and Stellarium software to study star maps. The club currently has three fully functioning telescopes. The club made a record at the Inter IIT Tech Meet 2014 by detecting 72 objects in the overnight observatory competition “The Messier Marathon”.

Automobile Club

Automobile club IIT Jodhpur is a group of passion-driven students who strive to constantly design and build cars and vehicles of all types. Ideas, thoughts, questions, basically anything and everything that screams "automotive", even plain feelings of infatuation are what drives the members of this club. Their vision is to promote and encourage interested and passionate students to design and build their own car.


In order to quench their thirst of exploring the automobile world, the automobile club is constantly busy organizing lectures, workshops, quizzes and similar discussion sessions. Lectures are given on the fundamental systems of automobiles, CAD design softwares like Solidworks and Ansys and topics like Vehicle Dynamics. In order to explore the practical aspect of things workshops are conducted such as Engine dismantling, Vehicle dynamics and short workshops for mini projects like solar car and IC car. Along with this the club has shown its presence in many all India competitions and has ranked well among the tough competition like SAE-Efficycle competition and SAE- BAJA All-Terrain Vehicle competition. Small workshops are also conducted such as Solaris, where students of the college are encouraged to design and build a small solar car and race it through a track course in order to test the vehicles structural stability and nimbleness. These events are also conducted in the colleges fests such as the Intra college technical fest Nimble and inter college Techno-cultural fest Ignus.

  • Ranked 31 in All-India Efficycle competition by SAE
  • Got 13th rank in Virtual round of SAE BAJA for presentation and overall rank of 52

Electronis Club

Electronics club, IIT Jodhpur is a group of highly enthusiastic and motivated individuals who aim to promote and enhance the knowledge of all the IITJ fraternity into the vast and seemingly endless world of electronic gadgets.
We aim to introduce the plethora of concepts in a simple, interactive and understandable way. We conduct a variety of events ranging from the simplest of logic related problems to the most complex ones including serial communication, microcontrollers, simulation tools etc.


Many interesting events have been conducted by our club. These include flagship events like:-

  • Technovation wherein students designed a smart traffic light signal system using multiplexors, flip-flops and basic logic gates.
  • Minicomputer using Arduino and keyboard to compute basic mathematics and display it on screen.
  • Even workshops are organized on various topics like PCB design and development etc.

What next? – The club is highly motivated to follow topics like FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), Hardware description languages, simulation and communication based events, strobe light and much more to follow. We are on the lookout for interested hobby enthusiasts to take the club to newer horizons.

  • Team representing IIT Jodhpur got selected and reached the quarterfinals for Texas Instruments competition based on smart traffic light design. The aim was to sense the bulk of the traffic and trigger signals accordingly.
  • We also had a summer project on propeller clock wherein students displayed time using microcontroller and dc motors. The main idea was to create persistence of vision among viewers and hence display the time.

Programming Club

We are the programming fraternity of IIT Jodhpur. Established the year our college started, we have gone from strength to strength in the past years. Whether it is algorithmic programming challenges, AI games, hacking on something cool, we do it together. So if programming turns you on, come on and get wired in!

We at Programming Club do not believe that a person is limited to just one field. Hence we have these three cells which promote and help to develop skills in their respective fields:-
  • "Donalds" - Data structures and Algorithms

    -- Competitive coding is the main agenda of meetups in this cell. Members of this cell know where to find all resources to enhance one’s competitive coding skills, how and where to practice, what to do in order to improve oneself at every stage in the vast field of algorithms.

  • "Assemblers" - Software, Web, and Mobile Development

    -- This cell consists of the best developers in the club. Be it software, web tech, mobile apps, or anything new, fancy and helpful to the world, this cell accommodates for all the fields.

  • "Carpe Diem" - Cyber and Software Security (Hacking)

    -- This cell consists of meticulous programmers who love freedom (hackers). From script kiddies like phishing, unauthorized code injections, email-spoofing and cookie hacks to bolder and conceptual topics like cryptography, binary exploitation, reverse code engineering, steganography and network packet sniffing, we have it all.

  • Participate in almost all major competitive coding contests including ACM-ICPC.
  • Organize DHPCs (Dark Hour Programming Contests) for regular practice.
  • Contribute to internationally well known open source software like Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, some well known Python libraries and many more.
  • Participate in Google Summer of Code (GSoC).
  • Build cool apps and host them on Android playstore and/or Windows appstore and/or on the web.
  • Participate in national and international Hacking competitions including Microsoft’s annual hacking championship, InCTF, and other international events on CTFtime.
  • Conduct workshops and lectures regarding algorithms and data structures, hacking and latest web & mobile technologies, as required and requested by the students.
  • Every year many teams qualify for ACM ICPC regionals.
  • Last year a team got 29th ranks at an ACM ICPC regional.
  • We have our own, fully-functional code-judge on which we can host competitive coding challenges, made by club members.
  • Many selections in Google Summer of Code.

Robotics Club

Everyone should learn robotics and why should you learn it or why would anyone would want to learn it? Remember when you were kid you took stuff apart to see how it works and some time for repairing your favorite toy. Why do it? Because ROBTICS is ultimate blank canvas. It is human right to be able to dig into anything you have in front of you from phone in your hand to earphones in your ear to those remote controlled cars you had played with. You want to change the way anything works. You want your car should go around building autonomously or may be controlled by your voice. So that’s why we do it because it’s becoming more near to ourselves, an expression, and an extension of our intelligent of our mentality to create and to destroy in some ways. That’s why we do it. Point of club is to help you to get more into the tools necessary to those things, to help you to create and to augment your possessions and to destroy and recreate and that’s what we are all about at ROBOTICS CLUB.

  • Club activities are simply lectures and workshops beginning from basic to advanced topics. Each lecture has associated hands on experience with it.
  • Also club floats projects that should be completed in one semester.
  • Robotics Week is organized every year to improve your knowledge and some pro events are organized to extend your thinking to some real life applications.
  • Cleared first round of grid warrior in tech fest.
  • 4 prizes in IGNUS.
  • Projects like MULTIMEDIA GLOVE, PUZZLE SOLVING USING IMAGE PROCESSING, HEXABOT, ALL TERRAIN ROBOT, and 8x8x8 LED CUBE are successfully completed by club members.

Science Club

Science Club is not concerned with a particular domain. It gives source to turn the innovative ideas which are not confined to a specific domain, to create zeal of science among students through interesting activities. Here they apply their general science knowledge to make practical models. Science club works on basic technologies and software in which no field specific knowledge is required. For example: Rube Goldberg: where basic science is sufficient to design that model, Rubik’s cube, computer tips and tricks etc.

Student Sports & Games Society (SGS)

“ The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital. ”

Sports are known for producing the most remarkable athletes, colourful characters, influential leaders and memorable heroes. IIT Jodhpur Student Sports & Games Society Committee reflects the same spirit of introducing sporting activities to the campus community. This society aims to promote sports and exercise in the true spirit of sportsmanship and motivate students to work with team spirit. We strive and endeavour to inculcate and introduce this essential activity as a part of the daily decorum in every student’s life. We at IITJ believe in bringing out and encouraging the sports person in each one of you under the guidance of professional coaches and with best sporting facility.

“ The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. ”

Individuals can be strong on their own but they are much stronger in a team. Victory achieved alone can be sweet but there is nothing sweeter than sharing that moment with your team. One of the rare times in life one learns to play with his friends and some of his enemies and yet respect each one of them for the innate respect of the sport. That is the essence of introducing sports in a student’s life to instil the quality of vigour, pride, sacrifice and strive.


Inter-IIT Championship title is the holy-grail in the whole IITJ family. It is the sacred place where every sports student is given the opportunity to showcase her/his talent in respective sports and to wear the Institute jersey and run around the grounds representing the glorified history of respective IITs along with the responsibility to continue the legacy. Every Inter IIT player has this unique urge to win the game for the pride and the honour of the Institute, for the blood, the tears and the sweat to make a team and to earn the spot.

Institute Representation at Inter IIT Sports Meet

The Institute has representation in the following sports at Inter-IIT Students Sport Meet:
  • Aquatics
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Weightlifting
The Institute has many sporting events lined up throughout the year which act as a platform to showcase your talent and to keep the adrenaline levels racing.

Sports Team Captains

The following are the captains of various sports:
  • Aquatics: Kushagra Surana
  • Athletics: Dilkhush Meena
  • Badminton: Aditya Choudhary
  • Basketball: Anmol Singh (Boys)
    and Anubhuti Mittal (Girls)
  • Cricket: Lalit Mirdha
  • Football: Snigdhadeep Moitra
  • Lawn Tennis: Perla Sukesh
  • Squash: Piyush Yadav
  • Table Tennis: Arnav Chopra(Boys)
    and Sonika Aggarwal (Girls)
  • Volleyball: Harsh Patel (Boys)
    and Nisha Kumari (Girls)
  • Weightlifting: Vivek Yadav

Captain's Message


We athlete run, run until we defeat ourselves, run until our muscles tear and run until the track cannot bear our footsteps. We run with pride and glory, until we can't run anymore but still we run because we are athletes of IIT Jodhpur.


"I was written off by many as someone having mediocre talent. I faced a lot of challenges while looking for someone to coach me. I was rejected by many who thought I was lacking in talent. I am thankful to Almighty that he gave me parents who are my pillars of support and have struggled a lot to give me the life I am leading today."

This was the answer of Saina Nehwal when asked about her early life struggle while pursuing badminton. So the question is, what turned an ordinary talent into world no 1. Again her answer was simple, "Hard work and practice". So why can’t we, that's the belief in our badminton team. At last I just want to say "PRACTICE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER WON, PERFORM LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER LOST".


Basketball is our life, rest all is distraction. We believe, ‘A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist” and that’s how we play. Where each member is sure of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of mates, a team. Being in basketball team of IITJ will not only build your character, it'll also reveal it.


"Cricket is the religion of our country and Sachin the God of this religion". The team's success is not determined by one batsman or a bowler but by all the 11 players who make this team. After all we know "Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."


Good, better, best. We never let it rest until our good is better and our better is best. IITJ FC - kicking balls since 2009.

Lawn Tennis

Love the game for being involved in a team whose members can't wait to see you do your best. Tennis is our passion, our only love. The Tennis Family!


It never gets easier you just get better. To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them. So rise above your limits and beat the best of you. It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up. SQUASH is not just a game, it's the spirit of passion. Pain is temporary here but pride is forever. Relish the training you had, honor your commitment and cherish the results.

Table Tennis

Love the game for being involved in a team whose members can't wait to see you do your best. Tennis is our passion, our only love. The Tennis Family!


Volleyball is a complex game of simple skills, a sport where wins are determined by a team's aerial power. We jump the highest, hit the hardest, and are in continuous motion, mentally as well as physically. We are individual players united by volleyball!


"It will hurt, it will take time, it require dedication, willpower, it require to make healthy decisions, there will be temptation, we will push ourselves to max, but at the end when we reach our goal lift we are worth it"


IIT Jodhpur started its campaign in 50th Inter-IIT Sports Meet by securing third position in the March-Past. Table Tennis team (boys) created history by clinching the gold medal. In Inter-IIT aquatics team, Kushagra Surana secured fourth position in two events namely, 50 meters freestyle and 100 meters freestyle.

KRIDANSH/General Championship (GC)

The intra IITJ sports fest, it is one that designed to attract mass participation. It sees the best sporting talents in the Institute pitted against each other to fight for the glory of their respective branches. It also has games like Tug of War, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi along with the regular sports.