A. The reporting date for UG students is August 17, 2017. You should reach Jodhpur by the same.
A. We will try our best to arrange buses at Railway Station and Academic Campus. Mail us on counselling@iitj.ac.in and we will get back to you.
A. Rooms will be allotted immediately after you arrive the residential campus on the date of reporting which is August 17, 2017.
A. Parents and Guardians are Not Allowed to stay on campus at night. This file contains a list of hotels where they can make a booking.
A. You will not be provided any accommodation before registration date.
A. The room allocation for students is completely random and the institute does not hold or entertain any preferences or requests in this regard. Basically in every room there is one student from every branch as we try incorporate the feature of interdisciplinary almost everywhere. A request to change the room can be made only on medical grounds. No other reasons will be entertained.
A. Jodhpur is known as the Sun City, for the bright and sunny weather it enjoys throughout the year. It experiences dry and hot, a typical desert weather. The average annual rainfall is approximately 32 cm. In summer, the temperatures range from a maximum of around 42° C to a minimum of around 37° C. In winters, the maximum and minimum temperatures are around 27.5° C and 15.5° C respectively. But it rains in July. We advice you to carry an umbrella with you.
A. Laptops are not needed in the 1st year. So we strongly suggest you not to bring laptops during the first year. There is well equipped computer centre at the campus for use by students.
A. Buckets, mugs, pillow and mattresses will be made AVAILABLE at the complex itself at reasonable prizes, so you don't need to carry them. However you are advised to get bed linen, towels, alarm-clock, toiletries and sanitary items and other things that you might immediately require after you get here.
A. The Orientation Program is designed to introduce the students to various facets of the IITJ life. The students will be addressed by the General Secretary, Students Gymkhana, the Society Heads and various Guest Speakers. There is an interactive session between Director and Parents. For the students a special industrial tour is also arranged. All these events are planned to help student know about the institute. Thus it is advised not to miss the orientation program.
A. Though the institute does not have any uniform, we strongly advise the students to be dressed presentably and in a dignified manner. All the students are advised to be dressed in FORMALS during the orientation program and during the Director’s address. Please carry a set of formals with you. Shorts or Track pants and a pair of sports shoes would be required for the Compulsory Physical activity.
A. Raincoat or umbrella to keep yourself dry from rains. A scientific calculator, one that can compute complex functions, might be useful throughout your course of study. You may also require a lab coat, safety goggles, a drafter etc. for which the senior students would be very glad to help you. All these can be bought at Jodhpur as well.
A. You will be provided with a bed, almirah, a table and a chair in the rooms.
A. You can find these within the institute: Bank, ATM, general stores, canteen, etc. Also a few shops are situated outside the campus.

For other queries use our contact form or mail us at counselling@iitj.ac.in