A. Counselling involves the development of a relationship between you and our team (that also includes a professional counsellor) that focuses on your concerns and difficulties. It is a process in which students have the opportunity to improve upon their understanding of themselves including their pattern of thoughts, behavior, feelings and the ways in which these may have been problematic in their life. Counselling is not just about coping up with problems, it is also about getting better at improving yourself in this competitive environment. Counselling also provides you with opportunities to understand how to utilise existing resources to enhance your life and relationships. Counselling Service will not only help in your academics related problems, but also we are always there to support you in your personal problems. You can contact us without any hesitations, because WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP!
A. If you are facing any of these following situations, you should seek help from Counselling service:
  1. Academic problems
  2. Feeling of Homesickness
  3. Family/Relationships related problems.
  4. Problems with Time management.
  5. Adjustment in the new environment.
  6. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  7. Personal issues interfering with sleep, eating habits, concentration, academic performance, or relationships.
  8. Persistent worry, stress and Prolonged sadness.
  9. Feeling depressed, lethargic, or apathetic.
  10. Thoughts of suicide or wanting to harm yourself.
  11. Increased irritability, inappropriate mood swings, angry outbursts · Indecisiveness or difficulties in making decisions.

For other queries use our contact form or mail us at counselling@iitj.ac.in