Student Campus Life Society

The Student Campus Life Society Committee manages the activities and responsibilties within the campus at both institute level and hostel level. This society is responsible for managing dining services and organising events among different hostels.

Hostel Management Committee

The Hostel/Hall Management Committee (HMC) looks into the maintenance of the halls and hostels at the student level. It consist of:
  • Hostel Affairs Secretary (1 male and 1 female).
  • Representative (at max 2) each from Ist, IInd, IIIrd and IVth year UG (Male).
  • Representative (at max 2) from (Male).
  • Representative from UG (Female) and from PG (Female).
  • Representative (at max 2) from PhD.

Dining Services Club

The Dining Services Club manages and addressse the issues pertaining to the students mess. It consist
  • One Mess Affairs Secretary and One Assistant Mess Affairs Secretary.
  • Representative (at max 2) each from Ist, IInd, IIIrd and IVth year UG (Male).
  • Representative (at max 2) from (Male).
  • One Representative from UG (Female) One and from PG (Female).
  • Representative (at max 2) from PhD.

Student Alumni Relations Committee

The Committee works towards the aim of establishing a highly potent two way medium of connection between the alumni and the students. It works towards the vision by carrying out various events that aim at strengthening this alumni-alma bond, creating/updating the alumni database and also conduction of seminars and talks by various alumni who are working in their specific fields and can mentor the students.

Student Executive: Ayush Raina (8561995551)

Deputy Executives

  • Manish Jadhav
  • Vaibhav Paliwal
  • Arnav Mishra


  • Vivek Tripathi
  • Manoj Malviya
  • Kumar Venkateshwar
  • Saurav Suman
  • Shounak Kulkarni
  • Sahil Bhatia

Student Elected Representatives Society

The chief functions of the Student Elected Representatives Society Committee (SERC) are as follows:
  • It shall be the main platform for the students to voice their opinion.
  • It will be the center for all the legislative procedures carried out in the Students’ body. It shall be the center for policy-making and related activities.
  • It approves and ratifies the formation of new student’s bodies.
  • It shall also serve as a mechanism to collect student feedback and thereby effect changes in the students’ body according to them.
  • All Financial activities at the Student level shall be overseen by the Financial Committee formed by SERC and SCHoD.
  • It shall also take up the responsibility of conducting Elections for the various positions at the end of every term.

Deputy Executives

  • Manju Kumari (8387922753)
  • Ravi Sharma (9461219917)
  • Aniruddha Singhal (9713522320)
  • Itisha Chauhan (9784517169)
  • Kandarpa Sai Padaru (8386093273)
  • Sukesh Perla (7728824345)
  • Akshat Srivastava (8251904511)
  • Shubham Talbar (8890531604)