A. IIT Jodhpur has a different perspective towards academics with established Centres. At present IIT Jodhpur provides the following five programmes:
  1. Bachelor of Technology Programs
    1. Computer Science and Engineering
    2. Electrical Engineering
    3. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Master of Science Programs
    1. M.Sc. (Chemistry)
    2. M.Sc. (Physics)
  3. Master of Technology Programs
    1. M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)
    2. M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
  4. Doctor of Philosophy Programs
    1. Ph.D. with specialisation in Computer Science & Engineering
    2. Ph.D. with specialisation in Electrical Engineering
    3. Ph.D. with specialisation in Mechanical Engineering
    4. Ph.D. with specialisation in Biology
    5. Ph.D. with specialisation in Chemistry
    6. Ph.D. with specialisation in Mathematics
    7. Ph.D. with specialisation in Physics
    8. Ph.D. with specialisation in Humanities & Social Sciences
  5. Interdisciplinary Programs
    1. M.Tech. (Energy)
    2. M.Tech. (Information & Communication Technology)
    3. M.Tech. (System Science)
    4. Ph.D. (Energy)
    5. Ph.D. (Information & Communication Technology)
    6. Ph.D. (System Science)
A. IIT Jodhpur has well equipped AC classrooms with projector facility in each classroom.
A. Yes, the Central Library of IIT Jodhpur supports and facilitates the teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute. The library presently has around 5000 books and also subscribes to various magazines. Access to E-journals is also available.
For complete information about the library visit Library IIT Jodhpur
A. IIT Jodhpur has established labs with state­of­the­art equipment. For complete information regarding the labs department wise visit
Laboratories & Research Centres IIT Jodhpur All the equipments are new and latest.
A. The Institute has a modern Computer Centre presently running on a gigabit LAN with 1Gbps internet bandwidth. For furthur information visit
Computer Centre IIT Jodhpur

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